Have you got the Christmas break covered?

You’re no doubt in the throes of getting the end of year orders and services sorted, so it might be helpful to have this checklist ready for a couple of weeks time when you want to relax, and properly enjoy the Christmas to New Year break more effectively.

1. Set up your Out Of Office / Christmas message. Anyone can do this, anyone! It doesn’t matter if you have a corporate email address, a Gmail address, BT Internet orSky.  Let people know what to expect during the break, so you can relax knowing people getting in touch have realistic expectations of you.  Get in touch if you’re not sure how.

2. Access your files from home.  A bit more work required depending on your setup, but normally pretty easy to do.  Much nicer to deal with the odd bit of work from your house, rather than having to get into the office.  If you haven’t got it setup already, 99 times out of 100 it can be sorted without costing you a penny.

3. Get the 2015 planning underway.  Hit the New Year running.  There’s a great article from Forbes here about general business planning.  Once you’ve mapped out your goals and objectives, get a business dashboard in place.  This article tells youwhy its a good idea, and things to consider.  Have a look at www.cyfe.com for a great way to get that dashboard up & running, or just use good old Excel.

4. Keep an eye on the place.  Just being able to see what’s going on in the office helps some people relax.  Your CCTV may already link into an app you can monitor with, just ask and we can look into it for you.  Or we can show you how to link a webcam up for a reassuring check-in every now and then.

Either way, make the most of December, enjoy the break and let us know if we can help 2015 become your most profitable yet through creative technology!