Key questions to ask

  • What do you backup to: USB hard drive, tape, online, something else?
  • When did you last check it was backing up properly?
  • Is it full up?
  • What happens if someone broke in and stole it / you had a fire?

The Solution

To avoid John or Joe having to remember to check the stick, or take it home, we recommend backing up to the Internet.  Why?

  • It’s safe and secured to government standards – all data is kept in the UK
  • No one needs to remember to change anything or take anything home
  • We can restore files going back a month as required
  • It’s great value for money
  • We tell you when it’s filling up and alert you if you need more space

Costs start from £10 / month based on the amount of data you need backing up.  Get in touch and make another IT admin task disappear!