Stop e-mail newsletter spam

If you find your inbox is always filling up with newsletters or “special offers” you never remembered subscribing to, then there’s now a quick and easy way to get rid of that annoying junk and more importantly, stop future editions heading your way!  Visit and a couple of quick and free clicks later you’ll find that problem is a thing … Read More

What broadband can your neighbours get?

Have you ever wondered whether your broadband could be quicker?  One way to find out if you’re being fobbed off or not is to see what your neighbours are getting.  Fortunately u-Switch provides precisely this service: visit and see what’s happening around you.  It’s quite interesting seeing the sheer variance of speeds around Burnley and Rochdale!

This is what a business smartphone should be able to do

It’s fair to say that the Windows Phone hasn’t received a lot of love in the past few years, but from a business standpoint there’s a feature rolling out on 2nd August that should prove much more interesting. Microsoft call it Continuum.  The concept hinges on the fact a lot of business owners now have their email on their phone, … Read More

Too good to be true?

Have you ever come across a product on Amazon, by a manufacturer you’ve never heard of, with amazing 5 star reviews and been a little suspicious? Fortunately there’s now a website to help you assess the authenticity of those reviews.  Go to, paste in the Amazon product link and it will analyse the reviews left for signs of deception.  … Read More

Have you got the tone right?

Have you noticed people seem to react oddly to texts you send, or that your motivational e-mail seemed to have the opposite effect. IBM have now offered up a tool that allows you to paste in what you are about to send, and gives you an analysis of the tone implied in the communication.  Clever stuff! Try it out by … Read More

Do you remember the ZX Spectrum?

Now’s the time to relive your youth! If you ever harked back to the nostalgia of the 1980’s, you’ll be delighted to know that in April you can buy a ZX Spectrum which plugs straight into your TV. It will have over 1,000 classics pre-installed, but will be able to run all 14,000 games.  Read more here!

Stop getting distracted by Facebook!

Trying to stay productive? StayFocusd locks you out of distracting sites making it easier to focus on the task at hand. You can set a time limit on how long you want to be blocked from Facebook and Twitter, or set the number of minutes you want to spend on the site before you’re blocked. With no addicting sites to … Read More

15 Things Your iPhone Can Do

From getting sight of a more detailed calendar, how to carry out a faster recharge, or need a spirit level?  This article has a range of tips you probably never knew your iPhone could do. We’ll keep our eyes out for more!

Hotel Wifi: use it or use your own?

If you’re travelling on business or pleasure, it’s good to know in advance what to expect of the WiFi they’ll have. Just visit, and find out which hotels offer the best wifi connections, or if you need to make plans for the hotel you will be staying at.

E-mail footer fine = £1,000

You know that long winded disclaimer at the bottom of your emails.  The reason it’s there is because Trading Standards require you to display some basic information or they could fine you £1,000, with an additional £300 every day you stay non-compliant. If your business is a limited company or a Partnership, the Companies Act requires all of your business emails to clearly … Read More