E-mail footer fine = £1,000

You know that long winded disclaimer at the bottom of your emails.  The reason it’s there is because Trading Standards require you to display some basic information or they could fine you £1,000, with an additional £300 every day you stay non-compliant.

If your business is a limited company or a Partnership, the Companies Act requires all of your business emails to clearly include the following details:
  • The company’s registered name
  • The company’s registration number
  • Place of registration (e.g. Scotland or England & Wales)
  • Registered office address.
This information should also appear on your company’s website. Don’t panic too much as so far no-one has actually been fined, so the chances of you getting pulled up over it are remote, but it’s a pretty easy thing to check and fix.  If you’re not sure, or need a hand, just get in touch!